Hello! I'm Wasike

I was born and raised in Ukunda town, near Mombasa.
I have lived here all my life.
I help my mum run a local family food stall along the high street.
If you are visiting our area then I can give you a personalised tour.

Ukunda Beach

Enjoy the unspoilt Ukunda beaches, guided by a local.
See and experirence the hidden delights and relax amongst the locals!

Ukunda Beach, Kenya

Vibrant Markets Ukunda

Enjoy the local fresh food, freshly prepared by the roadside or in the many take aways and restauraunts nearby.You can arrange a special home cooked meal, so that you get that special Ukunda taste

Friendly Warm Atmosphere

Day or night, the atmosphere is always warm and friendly.
You can enjoy a drink or two in one of the many bars or side alley pop-up shops.
Want to stay up all night, then the Masai club can take care of that as well.

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